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The Vintage Wheels

Carroll Shelby once said ‘I have always been asked, “What is my favorite car?” and I’ve always said ‘The next one.’ So is true with me. With a cigarette dangling in his mouth, the rugged-faced Roger Beckermann drives a blazing orange Lamborghini Miura neatly through the Italian Alps. This is a stunning, dreamlike scene from 1969 classic film, The Italian Job, and is part of my fond memory while growing up. My inspiration for vintage cars became a passion and has led me to become a collector of vintage cars, car models and accessories.

From bikes to cars, from airplanes to trucks every automobile has fascinated me since childhood. Obviously it was not possible to acquire each and every one of them. But I believe in keeping the dreams alive and so I never gave up. I was fortunate to find some enthusiastic entrepreneurs like me who made it possible to fulfill our dreams together. It was then our common mission to make collectable models of the vehicles that are now part of the history. I consider it my passion more than the job. With the struggle and continuous efforts we were able to make some of the history’s best known automobiles and were able to present it for vending. We now have a large and ever-increasing range of vehicles extending from Volkswagen T1 Minibus Model to WW-II USA airplane model, from Retro steam train model to roman style scooter model. There are hundreds of exclusive models of retro cars, airplanes, motorcycles, trains in our collection now and we are struggling hard to increase the number.

For some collecting old cars is just a hobby. For others it’s an aspiration. Both cases it’s a labor of love. Buying vintage cars may get heavy on pocket that’s why these toy-cars have become so popular over the time. Like I said this is not just a job for us. This is what our life is all about now and we here at Vintage Wheels have truly dedicated our lives to these valuable historical adornments. Our products take you to the glorious times of the history. The world has always had a fascination with automobiles. People spent a lot of money to maintain and restore the actual vehicle. Most people don’t have the money or space to achieve the pleasure of this hobby. Yet there is always a way where there is a will. These model cars are so close to the real thing and come up with nominal expenses as compared to the original automobile. Hence the demand of these model toys is increasing day by day. It is relatively a new industry starting just after World War 2 but is growing fast. The first model car was made by Derk Brand in England. This car was a model of a 1932 Ford Roadster. After that more cars were made for different companies.

Vintage automobiles bring a certain kind of infatuation. This can stem from a fascination with the intriguing machinery, optimism in the growing worth of vintage cars, or preoccupation with objects that provide a window to the past. It can even be a combination of all three.

With a rising interest in the vintage automobiles, The Vintage Wheels is focusing on crafting models with precision and attention to detail, while not compromising on the quality. These miniature art pieces are collectible items and make unique gifts. We promise to provide high quality to our customers. Our technology is designed to make these models feel and look as genuine as possible. We make endless efforts to entertain our respected costumers with new items every day. We take pride in not only our exacting quality and high standards but also our working environment. Our store operates worldwide with provision of quality service in over 185 countries. The payment methods we use are considered as the most secure ones. In a short span the number of our valuable clients has reached more than 700. We aim to make this number in millions with our quality service.

We love our work, we love our team and we most certainly love you!

The Vintage Wheels Family
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